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Accounting Recovery by our specialists: qualified assistance


The procedure for the recovery of the accounting and tax accounting of an LLC is very laborious, and therefore is carried out in stages. At the preliminary stage, we carefully analyze the situation in the accounting department of the client’s enterprise. Having identified certain errors, our specialists notify the owner and provide a detailed report on the scope of violations. This allows minimizing the time of the procedure.


In order to implement a procedure for accounting and tax accounting recovery, we take the following fundamental steps:

  • Obtaining primary data for accounting documents recovery
  • Processing and detailing of primary documentation;
  • Thorough analysis of data obtained as a result of processing documentation and preserved reports;
  • If necessary, we carry out a complete inventory of monetary assets, calculations and stocks;
  • Ensuring the availability of copies of documents or making copies of documents received from institutions and administrative authorities, receiving copies of tax returns with attachments and other materials;
  • Obtaining summary information from the social security department and health insurance organizations both in relation to the entrepreneur and his employees;
  • Obtaining bank statements and loan agreements from the bank;
  • Obtaining invoices, credit memos and offsetting documents from suppliers and customers;
  • Obtaining copies of leasing, purchase/sale and insurance contracts.


Recovery of accounting documents and records

  • Setting the initial states of accounts and books;
  • Posting of available documents;
  • Checking interdependencies;
  • Restoring the database that the owner has, or creating it from scratch;
  • Restoration of accounting registers and formation of the initial balance;
  • Balance sheet and verification of the final states of the accounts in connection with the submitted tax returns;
  • Either submission of additional returns on income tax, VAT and other reports.

Final stage

  • At the last stage, we process accounting methods and internal regulations that describe the restored accounting documentation and at the same time take measures to exclude the repetition of this unpleasant situation;
  • If there is a requirement, revised tax calculations and declarations, as well as revised reports, are prepared and submitted.

The ratio of price, quality and the rate of delivery of the accounting recovery service offered by our company is optimal. You can order the procedure to be carried out in full or in part (it depends on which segment of the accounting department the difficulties are or which operations require recovery). We approach the issue of calculating the cost of such services individually and proceed from the volume and complexity of the work to be done.


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