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Accounting services in Czech Republic

Our company has more than 15 years of experience in implementing effective financial solutions for business. Accounting is one of the main areas that our specialists are professionally engaged in.

Today, as a structured system of financial information, accounting occupies, perhaps, one of the leading positions among the company’s activities, if not the first. Skillful possession of accounting gives the head of the company the opportunity to fully control any changes in the economic activities of his business and effectively manage it. We provide accounting services not only in Prague, but also throughout the Czech Republic.

In large enterprises, the number of employees in the accounting department can exceed the number of any other department, which leads to high costs for the company. In this case, the entire responsibility of the work of accountants falls on the director of the enterprise. Therefore, the use of outsourcing has become a daily practice of the world’s leading organizations.

Such solutions are usually used not only for accounting, but also for any other areas of services in which the company does not specialize. Speaking specifically about accounting services, we have extensive experience in supporting large companies specializing in completely different business areas, as well as timely and correct filing of annual, quarterly and monthly reports of any complexity.

By contacting us, your company will no longer have to maintain a large staff of narrowly structured specialists, no need to buy and maintain specialized accounting software, open jobs and invest in technical equipment of the accounting department.

The presence of accountants on the staff is not a guarantee of efficiency in work. The FCHAIN team brings together the best specialists in the field of accounting. Through their services FCHAIN can guarantee efficiency, safety and economy.

As part of tax / accounting, we offer the following:

  • Accounting journal, bank, cash desk, general ledger, balance sheet, accounting of balance and final accounts, book of obligations and rights of claim.
  • Tracking the condition of assets, their depreciation and final inventory.
  • Warehouse accounting, receipt and delivery of materials or goods, warehouse inventory.
  • Compensation for the use of personal transport, a log of transport use and monitoring of standard consumption.
  • VAT, monthly or quarterly reports, including tax returns.
  • Control report.
  • Road tax, determination of the amount of advance payment.
  • Other applicable taxes.
  • Final financial statements, including closing of general ledgers.
  • Summaries for Social Security Administration and Health Insurance Companies.
  • Tax on income of individuals or legal entities.
  • Profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
  • Appendix to financial statements.

It should be understood that incorrect and insufficient organization of accounting greatly reduces the productivity of the company. At the current level of competition, the first step is to maintain internal order in any organization. And we are ready to help you in this matter! Contact FCHAIN to put your accounting in the safest hands.


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