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Ready-made companies in Czech Republic - FCHAIN Corporation

When registering, a company always has the status of a non-VAT payer.  To become a VAT payer, a company needs to achieve a turnover of 1 million kroons within the next 12 months.

Thus, the company is not able to reimburse the paid VAT until it reaches the required turnover. It is known that in some types of economic activity the status of a VAT non-payer can be extremely unprofitable. You can find a way out! After all, the Financial Chain Corporation has a unique offer especially for such cases.

We offer ready-made companies:

  • already registered and having the status of a VAT payer.
  • checked by our specialists and are completely ready for sale to new owners.
  • Basically, these are the companies of our clients who, for one reason or another, decided to suspend their activities in the Czech Republic or companies opened by the Financial Chain Corporation and obtained the status of a VAT payer.

For our part, we:

  • guarantee the absence of any debts or obligations;
  • request up-to-date confirmation of the absence of debts to state institutions (tax department, social insurance, health insurance, customs), if necessary;
  • provide the client with the entire history of the company, including contracts, invoices, bank statements, reports, etc.;
  • prepare documentation for the transfer of the company into your property;
  • organize a meeting with a notary;
  • accompany you until the successful completion of all stages of the purchase and sale transaction;
  • offer further financial services for the company (highly qualified accounting and other services that optimize the business process of the company)

Obvious benefits:

  • You gain the time (more than a few weeks) needed to open a new company!
  • You win money, as from the day of purchase of the ready-made company you have the opportunity to return VAT.
  • You get a guarantee of the absence of debts and obligations, actually insuring against the risks of encountering “pitfalls” that may unexpectedly appear in the history of the company.


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