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Legal services in Czech Republic

In the modern world, any cooperation between companies is impossible without competent legal support. Practice shows that it is difficult to foresee all possible risks in business. That is why it is important to enlist the support of FCHAIN professionals who will advise you and help you avoid possible losses and problems.

Our company provides a wide range of legal services to help make your business simple and safe. Financial Chain Corporation has been providing legal services to companies and private entrepreneurs in various business areas for over 15 years.

To create a solid legal foundation for our clients, we offer the following services:

  • Registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs
  • Legal examination of statutory documents
  • Alteration of the constituent documents
  • Apostilization and notarization of documents
  • Drafting and modification of contracts
  • Drafting and modification of employment contracts in accordance with Czech law
  • Change of the authorized capital
  • Change of directors
  • Change of founders
  • Change of shareholders
  • Provision of a legal address
  • Change of legal address
  • Changing or adding items of activity


The FCHAIN team of professionals is able to solve a legal issue of any complexity. We are improving every day, studying the current legislation and gaining experience in legal matters. We look forward to your queries and are ready to help!


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