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Nominee services in Czech Republic - FCHAIN Corporation

Many companies using the services of the FCHAIN Corporation have foreign owners who do not reside in the Czech Republic. In addition to the advantages, there are certain difficulties in this form of doing business.

After all, foreign entrepreneurs who registered their company in the Czech Republic have to conduct their business within the framework of local legislation and taxation system.

Financial Chain Corporation is a reliable partner who is always ready to provide quality support to its clients at all levels. We responsibly represent the interests of our clients in the state institutions and other organizations in accordance with the powers of the powers of attorney granted to us.

Unfortunately, in some cases, this is not enough and the physical presence of the director is required. In addition, banks are often not very friendly to non-residents of the Czech Republic, refusing to open an account or closing existing accounts.

Financial Chain Corporation has already found a profitable and easy solution for our foreign clients. We offer a nominee service. A nominee director is an individual who will act as a director (and a founder, if necessary) and represent the interests of the company in the Czech Republic.


  • In all cases, where the physical presence of a director is required, the company may be represented by a nominee director acting solely in your interests.
  • A nominee director enables to open and maintain a bank account eliminating the risk of closure due to the lack of relationship with the Czech Republic and absence of residency status.
  • Being the true owner, the actual director of the company is not listed in the register, which ensures the confidentiality of the client.
  • This service can also be useful, if the director cannot register the company on himself due to time constraints.

The functions, rights, and duties of the nominee director and actual director are governed by an agreement that is signed for at least 1 year. In case of unforeseen or extraordinary situations, the term of the contract is considered individually.


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