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HR & Payroll Services in Czech Republic

As part of a comprehensive service offer, we offer a solution to wage issues and other related personnel services.

We will provide you with a modern form of services for external processing of wages and personnel issues, in a comprehensive manner, from the very beginning of the employment relationship to the end of it.

HR and Payroll services includes:

  • Comprehensive solution of wage issues in small and medium enterprises.
  • Monthly salary summary, personal records, employment contracts, agreements, confirmation of employment.
  • Handling employee attendance.
  • Payrolls and summaries.
  • Processing payment orders in connection with wages, medical and social insurance, financial management and other insurance and additional insurance.
  • Monthly reports for health insurance organizations (HIOs) and the Social Security Administration (SSA).
  • Registration and deregistration of employees in the HIOs and SSA.
  • Pension insurance records and wage sheets.
  • Representation of interests in institutions (financial management, medical insurance organizations, social security administration)
  • Annual recalculation of tax on income from employment and official remuneration, as well as tax in the form of deductions by the employer.
  • Notification of employment of pensioners and people with disabilities (ZTP – disability, ZTP / P – disabled person with an accompanying person).
  • Archiving payroll documents.
  • Assistance with control procedures in the management of social security and medical insurance organizations, if needed.
  • All data is stored on secured servers and backed up.
  • Personnel and salary data are confidential information. FCHAIN ensures and guarantees complete confidentiality of data.

We process all documents on wages and staff not only in accordance with applicable law, but also in accordance with your requirements and internal regulations of the enterprise, which have been in force for many years. Another important advantage of our company is the fact that we bear full material, and subsequently financial responsibility for the proper resolution of wages and personnel issues, for timely deductions and payment of taxes, as well as for compliance with all deadlines for preparing tax returns, summaries and reports.

As part of our specialization, we constantly analyze the latest changes in legislation and, thus, we can immediately respond to new requirements. And last but not least, our experienced payroll accountants will take care of your payroll issues completely and settle for you all the formalities related to them.


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