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Consultations in Czech Republic - FCHAIN Corporation

Financial Chain Corporation provides you with all the services in the field of advice on accounting issues and in other areas concerning the conduct of entrepreneurial activities.

You no longer have to think about the best way to organize the accounting, to look for and employ consultants in accounting who, in your opinion, really understand the matter. No need to supervise them, ensure their regular training – and to spend many times more funds on all this.

Our advisory services include:

  • tax optimization
  • choosing a suitable legal form
  • processing of financial statements
  • solving complex tax problems (place of performance, VAT)
  • dividend payments, guaranteed return of invested funds
  • employment contracts
  • correct invoicing (invoice details, determination of the performance date)
  • advisory during financial audits
  • solving other issues related to business activity

Our company indicates a preference for an individual approach to customers and provides consulting on accounting to entrepreneurs and sole proprietors.

We prepare an individual offer for you precisely according to your needs and requirements. We provide consulting on accounting in Prague, as well as throughout the Czech Republic.

One should understand that even seeming to be simple steps are subject to certain rules that must be adhered to.

If you want to develop your business without problems, easily and successfully, do not save time on consulting with our specialists. We ensure you of our maximum assistance and full support.


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