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Employee outsourcing in Czech Republic - FCHAIN

The possibility to entrust some of the routine work to trusted professionals saves the efforts, time and costs of the companies themselves. Indeed, employee outsourcing is considered to be the best business option for companies. At the same time, the professionals themselves are fully responsible for the quality and reliability of the services provided.

Goals and benefits of EOR (Employer of Record) services from FCHAIN professionals

The removal of the company’s operating personnel from its staff stipulates the need to conclude labor contracts with the outstaffing company itself. At the same time, calculation and payment of wages, recording mandatory tax payments and complying with labor law requirements are delegated to the service provider. The customer company determines the scope of work and the list of responsibilities, and the specialists of the outstaffing company carry out the process of hiring and firing.

The main task of using such a service is due to the possibility to optimize the personnel arrangements and thereby reduce the risk of losses in resolving labor disputes. Employee outsourcing from a reliable FCHAIN professional makes it possible to:

  • not hold a whole department of personnel officers;
  • optimize the economic model of the operation of a business;
  • hire professionals in a different country without registering and maintaining a separate entity in country of hire
  • reduce the workload on the company’s HR department;
  • reduce the workload of the accounting department of the company itself;
  • reduce the number of employees in the manning table and thereby optimize the process of calculating taxes;
  • be free from the risks of losses caused by the occurrence of insurance and disputable situations with operating personnel;
  • provide the work process with the required number of personnel without violating any requirements and legislative norms.

Outstaffing service, or in another words EOR (Employer of Record) solves many issues related to personnel as efficiently and comfortably as possible for all parties. The business owner has the necessary quantity of officially employed employees, related security guarantees, employee loyalty, while significantly saving money, time and energy costs for organizing or reorganizing the business. In turn, employees receive all the benefits of formal employment: social guarantees and timely payments, all the necessary tax and pension contributions. All parties to such cooperation are protected by legislation and other regulators operating in the country of receipt of the employee outsourcing service, as well as by the terms of the contract for the provision of personnel services from FCHAIN and the terms of the employment contract directly with the employee. The service of a registered employer from FCHAIN is a guarantee of high quality, safety and comfortable cooperation.


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