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Preparation of annual tax reports and tax optimization

Preparation of a tax return is needed as part of accounting and tax accounting. This task is part of our standard services.

We will prepare for you a declaration for both income tax and road tax, real estate tax, gift tax or real estate transfer tax. We guarantee the correctness of the completed declarations and their timely submission to the relevant tax authorities.

Who must file a tax return? Persons who have:

  • income from employment and remuneration for the performance of official duties (§ 6 of the Income Tax Act),
  • income from business activities and other independent income-generating activities (§ 7 of the Income Tax Act),
  • capital gains (Section 8 of the Income Tax Act),
  • rentals (Section 9 of the Income Tax Act) or
  • other income (Section 10 of the Income Tax Act).

Income means receipts in cash and in kind, also received in exchange. Income in kind is assessed according to a special law, which is the Property Appraisal Act.

Optimization of taxation

With regard to each individual entrepreneur or businessperson, we carefully analyze whether his activity is only an additional activity, or he is an entrepreneur with hundreds of documents per month, runs a warehouse, has several business accounts and is a VAT payer. If you are not sure what obligations the legislation imposes on you, and whether tax accounting is necessary or sufficient for you, you can also contact us, and our team of trained professionals will provide you with expert advice and then offer qualified tax reporting services.

We will provide for you both the maintenance of current tax accounting and the transition from tax accounting to accounting or the transition from accounting to tax accounting. We can also provide for you transition from a fixed percentage of costs to tax accounting and vice versa.

Our company will provide for you comprehensive tax accounting and, if necessary, the restoration of accounting documents. Everything will be ready within the time frame agreed in advance or established by law, i.e., monthly or quarterly. Tax accounting, formerly simple accounting, is regulated not by the Law on Accounting, but by the Law on Income Tax”, which means that this law regulates only its content, but not the form. Therefore, we can change the form of tax accounting for you in accordance with your individual requirements.

In the event of an audit by the financial administration, the tax reports prepared by us will be useful for you to present and confirm the fulfilled conditions stipulated by the Law on Income Tax.

Financial Chain Corporation specialists are ready to assist you in the preparation and submission of tax and accounting reports not only in Prague, but throughout the Czech Republic.


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