Recording processing

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Most part of the accountant’s time is being spent by daily activities, which are aimed at collecting, sorting and refinement of the received documentation. With the introduction of information technology in the world of accounting, recording process become much simpler in some cases. Nevertheless, some accounting issues began to demand of execution a larger number of operations.

For example, the exchange of data with contractors and regulatory agencies by conducting the accounting information databases has become much faster, but duplicating the same operations of accounting transactions both in 1C database, and on paper, takes twice as long.

It follows that many companies are forced to expand accounting department by hiring a new staff, or pay for additional work hours.

But thanks to the outsourcing services you do not have to pay more to get the same result. Our company – a leader among the outsourcing of accounting services. For more than 14 years Financial Chain Corporation is engaged in accounting support services and reporting. We offer a wide range of complete solutions in matters of accounting and reporting organization for the closure of the accounting periods.

Recourse to our services means to take advantage in high-quality outsourcing. There are at least 10 reasons why cooperation with Financial Chain Corporation will bring positive results for the business:

  • You significantly reduce your expenses for courses, seminars, training and certification of personnel;
  • You get a team formed of professionals responsible for the result;
  • You do not depend on the motivation and personal problems of the employee;
  • You have a clear idea of the progress of each task due to the transparency of our actions;
  • You are exempt from the additional human and financial burden on the provision of software for processing accounting – our company will do it for you;
  • You are supplied with comprehensive advice and conclusions from the best FChain experts;
  • Interest in the result – that is our main feature. Therefore you can not worry about negligent attitude or incompetence.
  • You can always control the work process by adding or excluding any services.
  • Our team works only in the legal field, so after contacting the FChain your company will not get any fines or legal proceedings concerning accounting;

So if you are tired of the disorder in accounting and want to see real results – we are happy to provide this opportunity. Preparation of reporting by our firm also includes not only accounting but also financial analysts, management reports, as well as the implementation of IFRS in your documentation. Among the services of regular reports preparation, we can also offer:

  • controllable balance;
  • statements of changes in the company’s finances;
  • reports about fixed assets and the capital;
  • management reports;
  • receivables and payables analyst;
  • analyst of the financial goals and objectives fulfillment during the reporting period;
  • analyst of investment and budget execution plan (annual, quarterly, monthly).

It can all be a part of your management now, just contact with FChain specialists!

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