Tax optimization

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Regular changes in the tax code are complicating the timely submission of reports. Currently, the rules of a tax reporting reception are continuously changing due to the adaptation of Czech taxation law to the EU program. A system of fines is also becomes tougher: a company may be fined for overdue an annual balance sheet, not submitted tax declarations in time (the report must be submitted to the tax office, in any case, even if the financial activity is not carried out), and a fine could reach up to half the total summ.

The companies, which has not submited an excise tax report are also could be fined. The fine, according to the modern interpretation of Czech legislation, could be up to 2 000 000 CZK depending on the violation.

Quite often a mismatch to new amendments of tax declarations entails the frequent refusals in acceptance of documents from by the tax authorities. In addition, the re-filling of forms and re-sending reports by electronic document exchange systems takes a good deal of accountant’s time.

Modern methods of business are so diverse, that the correct calculation of the same income taxes together with excise duties and taxes for exports is a daunting task. Especially if the company combines several activities at the same time. Then managers have to think seriously about how to secure your enterprise from conflict with the tax inspection and to reduce the cost of hiring additional staff for tax accounting at one moment.

There is a solution — you should seek an assistance from professionals. And we are ready to provide a reliable taxation system which will correspond to the most actual amendments of the Czech law. FChain is working in the field of accounting and legal consultations for a long time, while gaining experience in dealing with the authorities and a variety of customers.

Our team members are experts in different areas of business, able to find the optimal solution by united efforts. In our understanding, the optimization of taxation should take place in several stages, which include some reforms in the approach to taxation. Financial Chain Corporation offers its methodology to achieve the ideal tax reporting:

  • Analysis of the tax burden and the risks associated with operations of tax calculation;
  • Adjustment of the current level of tax load and risks by implementing optimal computational schemes according to the actual currency, customs and labor law;
  • Building a business model of the client as amended;
  • Further support by advising employees of the client on the current tax operations;
  • Consulting on ways to avoid or reduce tax fines;
  • Consulting on taxation under the conditions of international contracts;
  • Preparation of reports and conclusions of the enterprise’s tax analysis;
  • Preparation of documents for communication with state autorities involved in tax disputes on behalf of the client;
  • Consulting on drawing up tax declarations, on the order of reporting, on how to satisfy the court decisions concerning tax disputes and so on.
  • Representation of the client in tax-office and appeal against their decisions in court.

Our company is working with international law and has the great experience of tax optimization. So trusting FChain you get protection and a guarantee of successful tax transactions.

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