Sole trader registration

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Any business, medium or big needs to start from somewhere. And the only way to legalized start – opening your own small business. Registration of a sole proprietor in the first place is important because of the expansion of business opportunities by legalizing many areas of activity that were not available when they were not registered.

In particular, the status of a sole proprietor in the Czech Republic gives a much more advantages rather than in the other countries. Here is an opportunity to issue the necessary permits quickly enough, without mandatory registration of legal entity.

Thus, sole proprietor in the Czech legislation has the right to do business and to perform an economic activity without hiring any staff.

A distinctive feature of this form of business is also the fact that all personal property of the owner of the Czech small business actually becomes one whole with his enterprise. But this is the only negative factor, and it will appear only if there is a need to pay the debt by transferring the property.

As for other forms of property, for example, both and the shareholder of the a certain Corporation, and one of the owners of a certain Public Limited Company are able to pay the debt only by their percentage of established businesses, defined by the Charter and by the Protocol of General Shareholders meeting, but never by personal property.

Anyway, the registration of a sole proprietor – it’s always a big step forward. But many novice businessmen, despite the successful start, can be confused by a long and wearisome way of a registration with passing of all state institutions and long paperwork.

Typically, this could be due to a simple lack of time. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the experts, which are capable to make the process not only easy, but fast enough. Fortunately, our company has the best specialists in this area! FChain has more than 14 years successfully engaged in all kinds of legal issues on the part of business registration.

We can definitely say that the status of an individual entrepreneur in the Czech Republic – is the path to the development of profitable business. It has many advantages such as:

  • rapid clearance of any documents and rapid liquidation of the company;
  • not necessary to pay property tax, which is involved in business unlike other ownership forms;
  • many stages of business activity were simplified, such as:
    • accounting and tax accounting;
    • decision-making on selling, transfer or acquisition of assets;
    • withdrawal of funds, earned by the company and so on.
  • the ability to quickly obtain a license to expand the activities;
  • not necessary to have a share capital, which shall not be less than 200,000 CZK for the company with any level of profit.

For foreign citizens, individual entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic also offers its advantages: During registration you will immediately have the right to obtain entrepreneurial visa, valid for 2 years and the right to citizenship of the passage of 5 years from the date of registration. To do this, you must obtain a business license, and go through several stages of processing licenses. In this case, you must go through 3 stages of licensing: the license from the tax authorities, state social security permission and health insurance for all employees of your sole proprietorship.

With extensive experience in this regard, our lawyers are able to produce for you all the stages of registration of sole proprietor for the most optimal price. FChain offers the best options in resolving the issue licensing. Everything you need for a quick and easy registration – ask for help from our experts. We are able to make the start of your business as light as possible!

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