Company Formation

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Registration of your own firm in the Czech Republic is very promising but quite challenging today. First of all, because of the constant amendments to the Czech legislation, which are being made for achievement the standards and requirements of the EU.

The owners of future company could be confused by a list of various documents, which registration terms is usually unclear, but the circumstances require of actions. Often, while passing all the necessary authority and applying your statement to the consideration of Commercial Court it is not possible to coordinate registration steps alone.

However, business does not stand still, and at some point registration becomes necessary. The system of legal forms of enterprises in the Czech Republic is quite simple and most common registration forms for companies are:

  • r.o. – Czech analogue of a limited liability company in other countries;
  • s. – It is also possible to register a corporation or joint-stock company;
  • s. – «limited partnership» or symbiosis s.r.o and a.s (LP – Limited Partnership analogue).

The principal differences between these forms of property are in level of responsibility to the state, in the scheme of taxation, also in allowed types of commercial activities and so forth. In order to assess their advantages and disadvantages relatively to your planned economic activity, our company offers consulting services in registration of firm and full support of the further process.

Financial Chain Corporation is engaged in legal activities concerning the preparation of nesessary documents for the companies registration in CR, as well as providing consulting services on how to communicate with government agencies. You can trust us all the stages of completing registration of the new company, and this process will happen as quickly as possible, according to the new Czech legislation.

Starting a business in the Czech Republic with the changes and amendments to the legislation of 2014 and 2015 has become a bit of a different nature than the procedure, which was until 2014. The process now requires both the residents of the country and foreigners to have the additional licenses and certificates.

But the share capital, which is a prerequisite for the legal existence of the company under the new amendments can now be only 1 CZK per founder, and therefore, opening of business in the country with European standards becomes an attractive perspective for anyone wishing to become self-employed.

Today, the management of internal administrative system of the czech enterprise almost not limited by the state. A company can have from 1 to 50 different founders, at the same time the share capital, regardless of company’s legal form will not be limited. In order to successfully run your business, you shall stick to only a few regulary performed operations and income will not take long. Among the critical areas of the enterprise, the quality of which plays an important role for the proprietor, should be noted:

  • attentiveness in drafting and payment of invoices;
  • timely and proper conduction of deferred expenses;
  • compulsory payment of monthly state taxes, and timely submission of the annual tax statements;
  • timely fulfillment of CR Statistical Office’s requirements;

These conditions will make the start of your business not only beneficial, but it also shall lay a solid foundation for further development. But for implementation of the strategy of initial business stages the company must be properly registered. FChain specialists are ready to provide their services. All that you need – contact us.

We shall fulfill all the conditions for a successful start of your company and:

  • consult in the company’s name selection issue and advise the most optimal legal form;
  • organize a statement in the Commercial Court of the Czech Republic;
  • prepare the certificates for proprietors;
  • advise at occurrence of additional requirements and will assist in the collection of documents for each of the shareholders;
  • prepare and submit your application for registration;
  • help in registration of legal address, current account and in obtaining the stamp;
  • upon completion of the registration process, our experts will be ready to share their knowledge about first reporting by a new legal entity, as well as taxation and so on.
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