Records recovery

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Services of accounting records recovery are becoming quite popular. With the advent of information technology, when most companies have come to conduction of electronic reporting, accounting data recovery has become even more urgent. On the one side, this may be associated with growth of staff negligence relative to the original financial documents, on the other – with the insecure conditions of electronic databases storage.

Restoration of accounting reports may also be needed in other cases, where, for example, for some reason accounting was not recording in a certain period of time, or it was not drafted in the proper form. Sometimes records may be affected when enterprise is moving on the new place. Or when an employee leaves the job, there can be found spaces in the reporting. Quite probable, that a couple of missing documents can be recovered by own forces of an enterprise, but when such errors accumulate over the years, this case requires a professional help.

The consequences of late receipt and the late accounting of documents, as well as their loss may cause:

  • lack of objective information about the balance of inventories and fixed assets of the enterprise;
  • execution of invalid financial transactions on the basis of false information;
  • charge of fines due to the accumulation of debt;
  • freezing of accounts and assets of the company up to levy of the fine by the state;
  • groundlessness of business transactions related to the purchase of services, goods and materials;
  • wrongly taken strategic and investment decisions based on distorted view of the data;
  • distorted data about implementation of financial obligations;
  • the occurrence of disputes and disagreements with counteragents, the tax inspectorate and regulatory authorities;
  • lack of control over the movement of assets of the company and so on.

Consulting company FChain is an expert in accountancy. We willing to provide services to restore your accounting system. Signing the contract with the customer, we shall lead your reporting to the proper state in several steps.

In particular we shall:

  • draw up the requirements specification and action plan for all the involved staff together with your accounting department;
  • conduct a full audit of documentation and expert evaluation volume of electronic reporting;
  • identify all the missing segments of the account and give recommendations for their elimination;
  • compile reports on missing documentation according to the damage of accounting and draft a detailed description of the cost recovery;
  • promptly carry out the procedure to restore the records on the basis of technical specifications;
  • restore electronic database of accounting data on the basis of the received documents;
  • draw up a progress report, collect the originals of reporting files and complete recovering work according to the technical specifications.

With hundreds of successfully accomplished projects of accounting recovery for our customers, Financial Chain Corporation can guarantee a positive result.

When we received an international recognition, we have moved to the level of European standards and are willing to share our experiences. Everything that needs to be done by your accounting department in such a situation — is to rely on us and provide the latest information about the state of records. FChain experts shall immediately create a solid documentary base to your accounting.

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