Records automatization

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Over the past decade information technology have been introduced in almost all the modern industries, including accounting. Through automation of many functions previously performed manually considerable staff accountants, today accounting techniques were simplified in many times. Moreover, the reliability of the data has increased, which significantly reduced the cost of time and human resources to compile monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

Now, for the successful closing of the accounting period is sufficient to conduct regular monitoring of the notifications and reporting the current roster: the probability of error due to human factor considerably diminished. In fact, the success of accounting has become largely dependent on high-quality and reliable software – workstation of accountant.

But the integration of data, which were collected during the long time of company’s practice in the software environment – not a simple task. The introduction of an all-inclusive software, aimed at combining the work of several departments, requires a solid understanding of the business. And not only in terms of accounting, but also taking into account the other areas that interact with it. Often, the combined analytics of intertwined processes in company given very difficult to staff members. This occurs for various reasons, including the lack of an outside observation, the paucity of information related to the restriction of access to it and, of course, also due to lack of experience in the implementation of established standard business processes on a real company.

Inner structure analysis of the companies – is our profile. More than 14 years FChain works in the field of integration of different automated systems of accounting and finances. Our method – detailed study of the characteristics of your business, followed by making recommendations regarding the choice of certain software system. FChain experts can not only provide your company workable software, but also to train the company’s staff to use it properly as soon as possible. Therefore, taking advantage of our help, you can be confident of a positive result. When you create an optimal automatic accounting system you do a step towards improving economic performance of the company due to many factors: the reduction of the cost of jobs, speeding up workflow, the successful passage of the audit control, modernization and simplification of business processes, and more. Contact us now and we will glad to make your business the way you want to see it.

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