Price list

Account keeping :

Accounting item (1 item)               CZK 21 with the condition of passive access to the bank

Execution of VAT + KH                   CZK  1,500/month

Executing salaries                         CZK 250/employee

Road tax return                             CZK  1,000/year

Accounting tax on gainful activities CZK 500/year

Accounting withholding tax           CZK 500/year

Final accounts                                CZK  3,500/year

Execution of a tax return (natural person) from CZK 1,500

Execution of a tax return (legal person) according to individual assessment

Establishment of a company CZK 36,000

The valid VAT tax rate according to Act No. 235/2004 Sb., on Value Added Tax will be added to the prices arranged above.

There is no an "expensive service" definition in our Company. It is not our interest to let you pay for unnecessary services. Our specialists will choose the most appropriate and cost-effective way of cooperation.

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