Personnel records organisation

HR system – is the foundation of the company. It should be firm frame, which is based on an effective and well-coordinated work of staff. But, unfortunately, every person is a separate complex system, which does not always fit into the overall mechanism. Therefore, to increase the efficiency of human resource management solutions and personnel records, there are all sorts of workshops, seminars and training courses for managers.

This programs are exist for educating the managers methods of personnel records organization, of optimization the personnel working hours, of staff motivation and methods for work quality control and so forth.

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In order to improve the entire staff even a small companies can take years of study and may need a massive reorganization.

But often, in spite of the apparent effectiveness of these measures they can solve only a part of the problems of HR system. There are many flaws in the personnel records, that can not be seen from within the enterprise. This requires an independent and objective view from outside, capable of systematically examine all the gaps in the organization of labor and HR administration.

The difficulty in the personnel records process often caused by a conflict of outdated personnel documentation system and the new legislation standards, which can only be achieved through the introduction of modern personnel management methods. For the successful integration of this technique it requires not just knowledge of HR administration, but also a systematic analysis of all areas of the company. And to implement it by the internal personnel department proves to be almost impossible.

Our company offers its services for the implementation of reforms in human resource environment, and in particular to optimize the personnel record keeping and building it from “zero”. Our approach is to create a unique system of personnel record keeping specifically for the client. Being professionals in the field of labor law, the FChain specialists can offer you the following services:

  • development of local regulatory personnel documents in accordance with the Labour Code (LC);
  • development of job descriptions according to the TC and to the internal regulations of the enterprise;
  • drawing up the staffing according to LC;
  • creating a scheme of labor regulations;
  • contracts templates developing for personnel records;
  • development of forms for the orders on the management of staff (for business trips, vacations recruitment, dismissal, etc.).
  • development of measures for information security of personal data frames;
  • HR documentation maintenance (employment records, personnel records, primary accounting documentation and so on.);
  • consultations of client’s employees.

According to research by leading analytical agencies, inclusive the data of US Institute of outsourcing, over the past 20 years, 90% of economic activities of enterprises around the world use outsourcing services. And in addition to administrative functions such as security, cleaning, and technical support, outsourcers perform the lion’s share of financial and personnel operations. At the same time, company-consumers of outer resources for the most part have an indicators of fast economic growth.

Our company – one of the best in the field of outsourcing services. We are able to provide a stable support for your business. Financial Chain Corporation has modern schemes of personnel records and we are ready to share them with you.

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