Personnel (HR) audit

HR audit, as well as any quality control system, designed to analyze the efficiency of personnel and human resources policies in the enterprise, as well as for the subsequent removal of the alleged obstacles to the outcomes of the major management problems. The importance of regular monitoring is in the regulation of the human factor, which appears in dealing with staffing documentation.

HR audit – a mandatory procedure that is performed not only for the purpose of risk control and optimization of staff, but also contributes to raising the professional standards of personnel.

The regularity of the audit depends on many conditions. In some cases, without personnel audit can not be further personnel policy development. Often such measures are necessary in cases:

  • if the structure of enterprise or its affiliates is changing;
  • if there is a need of staff reductions and optimization of vacancies;
  • While planning the increment of the company’s departments manageability;
  • to analyze the professionalism and efficiency of the company’s employees;
  • to obtain an objective indicator of the effectiveness of personnel during the expansion of the enterprise.
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However, these examples describe only the particular cases where an audit is simply necessary. And for a large company monitoring and analysis of the quality of personnel implies conformity to state standards and the ability to attract more skilled workers.

The process of HR-system auditing – an important task, as it involves a complex step by step analysis of all the local regulations of the enterprise. In addition to the analysis, the personnel audit should eliminate all mistakes or inaccuracies. Stages of this process include:

  • Audit all local regulations of the company, namely: checking the availability and implementation of standards of labor protection and conformity of local labor schedule to government regulations, the analysis of protection the employee’s personal data, verification of compliance with the Regulations on wages and so on.
  • An audit of internal documentation of the personnel department, which includes: checking time sheets, staffing and vacation schedules; auditing labor and collective agreements; monitoring the availability and validity of the order of dismissal and on business trips, dismissal orders and so forth.
  • Monitoring the processing of personal cards and staff personal files, checking the correctness of labor books;
  • Also, one of the stages of the audit should include checking the staff awareness about the content of local regulations and statutory provisions.

Our company – an expert in personnel auditing. We always act within the law and guided by extensive experience in providing quality legal and auditing services. Relying on experts FChain, you’ll get:

  • Qualified and responsible checking of all personnel documentation;
  • Full privacy towards the internal enterprise data and personal data of personnel;
  • Modern and objective approach of our experts to personnel records tasks;
  • Compliance with the rules and standards of your company during the audit;
  • The full conclusion of the audit, which includes:
    • The list of verified documentation;
    • The list of violations found during the audit;
    • Description of possible liability in accordance with the violations, which were found;
    • recommendations for fast elimination of all violations;
  • Elimination of all violations under the law;
  • Optimization of your personnel policy.
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