Payroll  and payroll automatization services

One of the most complex and demanding areas of accounting can be called payroll. In most cases, companies with the number of staff, which exceeds 50-100 people, this may require the participation of several or more accounting staff because of the need to process large amounts of data in a short time.

Of course, to have the one particular department of payroll accounting staff is more than expensive. No less costly will the hiring an accountant, which is highly qualified in all areas of the calculation of advance payments or payroll tax deductions, which would be able to cope with all the necessary reports and in time.

In addition, most companies have to deal with the technical and financial difficulties in the automation of accounting. This can happen due to limited resources for possession of a complete package of payroll accounting services or because of complex internal personnel organization.

Maintenance and administration of your own database requires not only a team of experienced accountants and qualified DBA, your own server hardware, separately allocated for this task, and quality software. Even for a large organizations with a stable net profit it is not always feasible. It affects not so much by the fact of the large financial investments, as a need in the allocation of workplaces, additional space for the server hardware (the server room) and it’s maintenance, the organization of the internal network, and more.


The best option in this situation – to use the services of professional outsourcing. This practice in business is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and reasonable benefit involving outside firms to payroll accounting. Using the assistance of an experienced professionals, you are freed from all the difficulties listed above, as well as from the extra financial expenditure. A team of professional accountants and technicians from Financial Chain Corporation is ready to offer the best services available on the calculation and automation of payroll with the full support and quality assurance. Our professionalism is confirmed by successful cooperation with international organizations, what you can see on the page of recommendation letters of our website.

We have our own, tried and tested system of payments and fixed prices for services, regardless of the complexity of the calculations. FChain experts are offering the following services:

  • Preparation of the payroll tax payments and advance reporting;
  • Full calculation of payments: for vacation and benefits for temporary disability, the calculation of compensations;
  • Preparing calculations of payments under civil agreements and labor contracts;
  • Reporting and payslip for any kind of payments;
  • The statements of contributions, of individual and general payrolls, tax statements;
  • Preparation of payments for payroll (salary) cards;
  • Preparation of management reports on wages (taxes, advances, payments and so on.);
  • Integration and maintenance of wages;
  • Communication with the tax inspectorate and state regulatory agencies on behalf of the company, and submission of reports, as well as record-keeping during the financial inspections.

All operations, performed by our team through outsourcing, are making strictly in compliance with your internal policy and within the law. Taking advantage of FChain services for payroll calculating and payroll automation your company receives a monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements, prepared by all the rules of regulatory authorities and delivered in time.

You can select a set of “All Inclusive” and our specialists will perform all the stages of preparation of payroll statements from the beginning to the end. There is also an opportunity to add any additional services from the FChain service list. After the conclusion of the contract, our company takes full liability for safety, correctness and timeliness of your payroll accounting. To optimize your payroll system you need only to contact the FChain specialists. You will get the best professionals for the best price. Take advantage of our company’s services!

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