Outsourcing and outstaffing

Human Resources policy of different companies have many alternative ways of development today. Its construction is largely depends on the direction of the company’s primary activity and the number of staff. But whatever this number is, whether it be hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people, the creation of a truly competent and effective management of human resources is now one of the most difficult problems of a director.

A flexible supporting system, which affects the development:

  • of staff professional level;
  • of motivating and encouragement activities;
  • of social insurance

to evaluate the effectiveness and coordination of people activity is not available to every employer. It is a long and systematic work aimed at improving both the employees and the complex relationships between them.

Moreover, there are many companies, which contains several layers of society under the same principle. It significantly complicates the conduction of a particular human resources policy. These difficulties may relate to labor regulations, to joint leisure and wages, as contradictory of views and the total welfare level of every single person can be the cause of many disputes.

Therefore, the experienced managers prefer to use the services of outsourcing and outstaffing companies to facilitate an achievement of their objectives in HR management and, at the same time to get a quality result of performed work. The benefits, which are being obtained by taking advantage of companies such as Financial Chain Corporation to provide outstaffing and outsourcing services are numerous. Primarily, this is:

  • a result that meets all your requirements;
  • guarantee of high quality work;
  • compliance with regulated terms;
  • flexible terms of the contract for services, which is the guarantor of the implementation of all commitments;
  • services of certified professionals of the highest quality;
  • ability to delegate all matters into reliable hands of our specialists, relating to:
    • accounting;
    • personnel records;
    • contracts reference;
    • drafting documentation of all kinds;
    • legal issues;
    • administrative issues: of certification, registration and closure of enterprises;
    • accounting, human resources and investment audit.

Outsourcing, or, to put it bluntly, an external source of manpower used in case when the customer needed full or partial transfer of responsibilities of any internal division of the executor from outside. This service is very convenient in the small organizations (due to savings on the workplace design, in training and searching of staff) and also in large (to facilitate the staffing structure, reducing the cost of training and education).

Typically, it is used to carry out non-core but very important tasks to the company, or to conduct the whole project “turnkey” with further support in the form of consultations and improvements. In fact, this is a lease of workforce, aimed at specific tasks, and its not obliged to any action for the workers maintenance: all obligations between the client and performer in this case will be governed by a contract.

Outstaffing is different from outsourcing, in particular by the fact, that the customer receives a certain amount of additional staff that are not full-time employees. Here the task of performer is the full maintenance of personnel on mission for the company-customer. At the same time, outstaffer could not perform some global challenge, but to be an additional workforce.

In some cases, such as those associated to the specifics of the company or to simplify taxation, the average number of staff may be limited by the decision of the law. Therefore, using the services of outstaffing and outsourcing of outside companies, the employer is under the law and has the ability to get all the services, that he needed, without necessity to open a new vacancies.

The benefits of outsourcing and outstaffing in the HR system are:

  • reducing the number of personnel documents;
  • exclusion of questions of search and recruitment of employees for the tasks, that could be done by outsourcing company;
  • exclusion of issues of workers relations regulation and monitoring of work process;
  • reduction of quotas for the addition of new jobs;
  • tax reductions for the keeping of regular staff;
  • reducing the cost of providing employees with technical equipment;

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