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Companies that enter into a business relationships should have a documents regulating the rights and responsibilities of all participants. Practice shows, that in today’s business is difficult to foresee all possible risks and to anticipate the emergence of pitfalls where their appearance is not expected.

Variety of services provided by modern enterprises is great today. Therefore, to understand and analyze the interaction of participants in business relationships at all stages is very difficult. And also in the agreements or contracts may not be considered many important details, which at first sight do not seem significant.

Especially responsible should be taken the terms of agreements concluded for the provision of leasing and rental services. Inattention to such nuances of commercial contracts, as:

  • deadline of works;
  • provisions, describing the responsibility for any breach of contract;
  • performer and customer’s commitments;
  • order of shipment and responsible supplier of quality products

could lead to a desperate situation in which the company personally signed wittingly disadvantageous conditions.

In addition, there are many business transactions that require of performer the knowledge of current legislation, of specifications, incoterms, product quality standards, rights and obligations of participants of the transaction and much more, that most often a supply vessel or logistician may not have.

In this situation, company needs the professional legal advice of in-house lawyers, which are sometimes able to control the work of performer to direct accomplishment of the transaction, or legal-outsourcers, which will accompany the whole process, from the moment of signing of a contract and to release of the parties from obligations.

But most of all staff lawyers are too loaded of a daily routine of contracts, specifications, protocols and formal requests audits, so their time and effort may not be enough for detailed study of the potentially unreliable transaction.

If your business is just starting to emerge, and the company is in the process of licensing for commercial activities, or you reflect on where to start registration of your own business – we are ready to help.

Our company provides a variety of legal services which will help to make your business easy and safe. Financial Chain Corporation engaged in legal aid for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in different business areas for over 10 years. We offer to our customers a wide range of services to form a strong legal foundation:

  • drawing up of business-, labor- and material liability contracts in accordance with Czech law;
  • fast registration of firms and SP with various ownership forms;
  • legal examination of charter documents of the enterprises;
  • certification and licensing of enterprises;
  • assistance in process of making changes to the foundation documents.

We are ready to study the issue of any complexity level, as the FChain is a team of true professionals with experience of successful legal practice and a wealth of knowledge in jurisprudence. We are improving every day, studying the current legislation and gaining experience in legal matters. We look forward to your questions and are ready to provide our assistance!

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