Javahir Guliyeva - "Still things ahead and we hope for the best in the future"

Published: 16.11.2017 | Author: Inna Bordachova


-          Good day, Javahir! I would like to ask you some questions about your work.

-          Good day, Inna! I am ready to answer your questions.   I am actually grateful to become a part of such great project! I love my company and I am really happy to see its development on every day basis.

-          Are you working here for a long time already?

-          Yes. For pretty long time. You know, enough to see almost all ups and downs!

-          And what exactly made you to come to FChain?

-          The aim of the company, I think! The idea to help businesses, to make them stronger, to consult, to provide high quality services - all these things seemed interesting and important to me even before I became a part of FChain. Now I am able to do the job I love and it’s a big treasure!

-          What did you feel when you were assigned to this position? What was your reaction?FCHAIN_FOR_PRESS

-          This is a big honor. I was impressed that I was chosen. For me it is a new step, new capabilities, new view of our business in general!

-          Do you have any certain expectations? What do you think this project can give?

-          I hope it will give important information to our clients, will give us new opportunities. I truly want it to be interesting, informative and become an important part of our work. Talking about certain expectations, I cannot anticipate the future, but I hope for the best.

-          Do you think this project will bring many innovations? What new points this project will have in the future?

-          Of course a lot of novelties are ahead, a lot of new propositions. This project is an innovation itself and it will bring certain fresh generally in our company. Soon FChain will turn 15 years old and this project is like a second breath for us. We became a stable company by this time and now it is important for us to become something more, to raise our level. Still things ahead of us and we hope for the best in the future.

-          Thank you for your time. Wish you all the best in your new projects.

-          Thank you and wish you the same!

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