Execution and edit of contracts

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The most common form of business relationship is consolidation contract. Among the varieties of these documents, there are the most popular in the circles of commercial organizations, such as:

  • labor and collective contracts;
  • contracts for the sale of goods (purchase and sale);
  • contracts for the sale of services;
  • leasing contracts, lease, rent;
  • marketing contracts and so forth.

Thanks to improvement of the legislation, a legal entity, registered in the Czech Republic started to have more guarantees in defending their rights in business disputes. But to make a public system to defend an interests of the company and not act against it, an enterprise should be able to take advantage of the contractual relationship. Of course, without the correct drafting of contracts, the rights of the participants of the agreement can not be regulated and in conflict situations the injured party have almost nothing to rely on.

In such a case it requires a team of experienced and loyal lawyers, capable to apply their knowledge in controversial situations, including the process of comparison of the damage, made by the taken decisions in the long term. But not all companies are able to contain a separate legal unit that will deal not only with the daily routine activities, but also will defend the interests of the company to the regulatory authorities and in disputes with contractors.

In order to successfully exit from such situations a lawyer should have not only a knowledge of the current legislation, but also the professionalism, motivated and result-oriented activity. Our company, having as part the professional lawyers, is offering an assistance in the development and preparation of universal contracts forms, which are needed in various areas of enterprises business. We work with companies of small, medium and big businesses that are engaged in both internal and foreign economic activities, related to the export of products and the provision of international services.

Contract drawn up by FChain experts will bring the legal relationship with your partners to a new level and be able to protect your business from unwanted consequences. We offer both generics contracts that can be applied in related areas, and specially developed on request. FChain operates exclusively in the legal field and have the skills in legislative norms to the necessary extent for application of law for the client’s benefit.

The quality of our work is guaranteed by the experience in dealing with state authorities and the successful provision of services to multiple clients, representing big business. With us, your contractual relationship will be much more transparent and stronger. For safety of your business you should take advantage of collaboration with Financial Chain Corporation! To find out more information about the services for edit and verification of contracts just contact FChain experts in any convenient region. Our services are also available on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

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