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Our company started outsourcing activity in 2002 as a small consulting firm, providing the accounting support for different kind business.

After the team of Financial Chain Corporation specialists has become to position itself as a leader in the market of consulting services in the in Eastern Europe, our company has got a promising growth in demand for outsourcing services among business residents of the European Union. Therefore, in 2014 the heads of the company are decided to establish a branch in the cultural and economic center of the Czech Republic – Prague.

Now we have become much closer to our loyal customers, being located almost in the center of the European continent and are willing to share a wealth of experience with EU companies.

Due to strategic facilities, which are constitute the leading economic sectors of the Czech Republic, located in Prague, the FChain had the opportunity to participate directly in the development of Europe industrial potential.

For us, Prague has become not only a beautiful heritage of European society and the city, which is not inferior to the popularity of Vienna and Rome – the centuries-old culture cities, but also a powerful industrial center. Among the important economic facilities in Prague, which are now collaborating with our company, we can note enterprises of the largest continental transport links, a huge network of tourist centers, the highly developed chemical and food industry companies and many others.

Today Financial Chain Corporation is not only providing Czech entrepreneurs by a wide range of services of legal, accounting and HR consulting, but is also an official partner of such companies as Oracle, SAP and the dealer of software and hardware systems, actively participating in the implementation of software for companies in Prague.

By 2014, the company staff counted more than 40 highly qualified professionals, who are improving their skills for the benefit of our customers every day. And thanks to their constant and productive work, a branch office of FChain in Baku received the National Prize of the International recognition at the annual awards ceremony of Azeri Business Award 2014.

We have partnerships with major ERP software manufacturers, such as: Oracle and SAP. Cooperation with the global software developers enables us to provide our customers with high-quality licensed product, and implement IT projects at an advanced technical level.

Due to best business practices and highly skilled, FChain have a opportunity provide clients with excellent services around a world. Today FChain works with leading companies a, which belong to the largest branches of entrepreneurship. Among them, mainly IT technologies, pharmaceuticals, hotel and restaurant business, insurance and building sector, machine-building and instrument-making industry and others.

Key persons

Jeyhun Mammadov (Country Manager)

Jeyhun Mammadov
Country manager

Zdenek Kurka (Head Accountant)

Zdenek Kurka
Head Accountant

Alena Novakova (Staff Accountant)

Alena Novakova
Staff Accountant

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