Certification – one of the most important issues in registration of foreign economic activity of the enterprise. For the Czech Republic, this aspect is particularly important, since the goods and services falling within the area of activity of the EU must comply with the highest level of quality, which is usually evidenced by the certificates. But certification is still divided into two kinds: voluntary and compulsory.

In the first case, on its own initiative, the company requests a check of the goods and/or services to obtain a certificate of conformity. This is the right and progressive step, causing increase of competitiveness, the expansion of trade borders and attraction of more customers.

The products, aimed at export, to customs clearance are also the subjects to certification.

All these positive aspects, contributing to improvement of demand for the company’s products have one important drawback – the complexity of process of obtaining the desired certificate. In the European Union, which include the Czech Republic, most of the products are subject to licensing and testing in accordance with European Union Directives and CE certification schemes. When passing all the tests the service or product is assigned to the European quality certificate – EC Certificate of Conformity. Its level allows not only to export goods abroad, but also compete with many international companies. The certificate is available for 5 years after the obtaining and can be extended.

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But in order to get it, this issue requires a careful analysis of every nuance in the production technology of the commodity itself, that when sending an inquiry about certification, all directives which affects the product, were accounted. To successfully bring certification to its logical conclusion there are a lot of knowledge and resources required. Moreover, communication with state certification centers may take a long time, especially with little experience in this matter, because any mismatch form of application or the lack of any documents can result in ineffectual expectation for a few months.

And downtime for the business – not the best scenario, involving the loss of the business partners or a decline in demand for goods.
Therefore, we offer professional assistance of our experts in preparing the necessary documentation to apply the request to certification authority of the Czech Republic.

International company FChain engaged in consulting of legal entities on the Czech legislation and also on solution of legal issues in the Russian Federation and Republic of Azerbaijan. Our lawyers have extensive experience in collecting necessary documents, in registration of requests and dealing with the international commissions to obtain a certificate of conformity.
You can rely on our company, as the Financial Chain Corporation for many years has leading positions in providing legal assistance. We will be able to consult on any aspect of the certification, including advise what products should be accredited primarily to obtain more benefits. We are ready to supervise the entire certification process from submission of the application and to the direct issuance of the document.

Turning to us you get a guaranteed result in a rapid clearance of documents and operational communication with representatives of the EU Commission. The certificate of conformity is waiting for you – just contact with FChain specialists and we shall promote your products to the international market!

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