Accounting records control

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Continuous preparation of financial statements - one of the main priorities of the economic department. Moreover, almost the entire economic activity of enterprise depends from the quality of the regular financial monitoring.

Accounting has a leading position among the company's business-processes and covers a large segment of the activity, starting with the identification of non-profitable sectors of the economy and ending with a reflection of the current state of the agreement parties obligations in monetary terms, in which the company is taking a part.

In this issue plays an important role a total vision of all reports by head of enterprise's financial department, which is a fairly global task. The complexity of whole process of cash transactions reflection is precisely the coordinated work of several accounting units, which often is simply impossible.

But fortunately, you can always turn to us. Among our staff are certified high-class accountants, which are responsible to their obligations.

Today the FChain can offer you a wide range of services from professional accountants and financiers by outsourcing.

  • Among such services are:
  • High-quality processing and preparation of the primary documentation;
  • Reliable management of your cash accounts;
  • Payroll management and development of a unique HR-system;
  • Optimization and simplification of tax reporting schemes;
  • Integration and maintenance of main automated accounting systems;
  • Cooperation with banks;
  • Management of inventory accounting;
  • Standardization of your reporting in IFRS;
  • Financial analysis and recommendations by leading experts;
  • Assistance in accounting records recovery and much more.

The list of our services also includes detailed consultations of FChain best experts, the ability to provide outstaffing and communication with controlling state authorities on behalf of your company. Everything that is required of you - is to tune in to a positive result, because our professionalism and productive collaboration will allow to cope with any complexities of accounting.

By giving accounting in our hands, you will get:

  • clear and well-written requirements specification;
  • attentiveness of specialists to every detail;
  • new and improved schemes of calculations;
  • optimization and simplification of tax obligations;
  • a reliable partner and facilitator in communication with control authorities;
  • full accounting support;
  • a reliable source of reference in matters of accounting and taxation;
  • records, performed in compliance with IFRS;
  • full control of all financial transactions;
  • a unique automated system of accounting that configured for your company's issues, with full support;
  • warranty of our performers;
  • compliance with all terms of the contract;
  • work, which performed in correspondence to the highest business standards.

Due to the many years of hard work over the our services quality, today FChain can rightly stand next to the world-class consulting companies. Cooperating with us, your accounting gains strong support and stability.

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