Accounting maintenance

Financial Chain Corporation provides accounting services in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation by outsourcing. Our company has more than 14 years working with clients world-wide, and its engaged in support of small, large and medium businesses. Our clients - companies of various spheres of economic and financial activities, which requires a variety of techniques and approaches in the reporting management.

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Therefore, we have developed the universal schemes of accounting support that allows timely and quality submit documents to the supervising authoritys.

Accounting service package primarily solves the problem of errors in completing the primary documentation. Thus, do not underestimate the importance of the successful processing of the primary documentation by accountant. It plays a major role in the calculation of VAT declaration form. The need to properly reflect the value of the tax base requires a flawless final calculation of the amounts of primary documents because the transfer of actual data to the tax office is a top priority objective of accounting department.

Our company offers services for the orderly control of accounting estimates, writing and submitting of primary documents, such as:

  • payment orders;
  • invoices;
  • commodity and expense reports;
  • work acceptance statement;
  • customs declarations and more.

Also in the range of services includes an assessment of taxes, preparation of financial and tax reports, profit and loss calculation, accounting of fixed assets and material assets of the enterprise, consultations and implementation.

FChain experts are always working in the legal field and will advise you on any matter that relates to the accounting. Subscribing to the accounting services from FChain your company gets a continuous access to consultations of the best accountants. We will provide your company the most optimal system of financial reporting.

As a rule, mistakes in management of the primary documentation are made by regular staff for various reasons, which may be associated with inattention and negligence. This can be a lack of motivation to perform the work, and the lack of experience in solving non-standard problems. Also as a reason of inappropriate work performance could be a lack of personal interest in the outcome, and even fatigue due to execution of numerous diverse tasks by one single accountant, which is typical for small organizations.

Also the cause of wrong data reflection in the accounting period could be a distorted informatoin which was given to an accountant by employee in charge of the issue of one or another business transaction.
All these factors, unfortunately, an integral part of the personnel system, or rather, the product of its imperfection.

Often, those means, which possesses a particular enterprise is practically impossible to eliminate this factors, because this may require a complete reorganization of the internal company's structure. And not every leader has the ability to take this step.

Therefore, we are ready to help each organization, which needs staged accounting and accounting maintenance. If you contacting FChain, you should no longer worry about the quality of the performed work, because the experience of our specialists allows to solve problems of any complexity.

We are interested in the result, and are responsible for our each operation. Our company has a large number of schemes for typical issues developing, proven in practice. In addition, the work of our experts is independent of the human factor that can interfere with the duties. The most important thing for FChain - professionalism, therefore, turning to us, your accounting ceases to be dependent on many unfavorable factors.

If you order an accounting services package from FChain, first of all, we offer to conclude an agreement that clearly describes the obligations of the parties and our responsibility. Moreover, you will receive a consultation, which will describe in detail the feasibility of adding a particular service of accounting support for your company in standart agreement. Therefore, you can always add or remove any service from our service list by yourself.

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